2013 - 2014 School Year Comes to an End

We have ended another school year and are getting ready for another summer / fall program. Our students blossomed into independent and creative learners. Graduation day was Friday June 6th and it went very well. Our Summer Program has started and we are delighted to have some of our graduates come back from our kindergarten class this summer. We hope to see this years graduates return next summer as well.

Our Mission

Our Mission:

To provide quality care and education that fosters the child’s natural ability to learn while promoting self confidence, social/cognitive development and independence. We uphold this mission by providing services to families who may not otherwise afford the benefits of quality early childhood education.

The MLK Montessori School Mission

Martin Luther King Montessori School ("MLKMS") currently provides a comprehensive full day, full year preschool and kindergarten program for children ages three to six years. One of only two Montessori schools in the United States to offer a quality Montessori education to low-income families at an affordable cost, we’ve enriched the lives of more than 5,000 children since our start in 1968. At MLKMS students receive much more than an academic jumpstart. Representing humanness in all its forms, those who pass through our halls are encouraged to embrace a diverse world and a brighter future.

MLK Montessori School Celebrates 45 Years

Martin Luther King (MLK) Montessori School is celebrating its 45th year anniversary. Throughout the school's history we have  strived to provide a Montessori education to preschool children that enriches their growth, development and dreams. Come help us celebrate!

Our Board of Directors

Rob Kruger, President | Burt, Blee, Dixon, Sutton & Bloom

Brandon White, Vice President | FWCS

Ja'Cole Hornaday, Secretary | Community Volunteer

Andrea Kendall, Treasure | PNC Bank

Diamond Robinson | FWCS

Denita Washington | EACS

Lon Bohnke | St. Francis University

Emily Szaferski | Burt, Blee, Dixon, Sutton & Bloom

Greta McKinney, Director | MLK Montessori School

Martha Fleming | Welfare Dept. Division of Family Resources

Jennifer Nickell | FWCS

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